nieuwe skibindingen VIST 311 TSC, CHROME/black + plaat VIST ( NIEUW )
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The VIST bindings have a modern design and offer a variety of adjustment options: thanks to the SpeedLock PIN

X-KEY connection. 3 metal swivels, sensitive to every movement.

X-KEY Joint is the exclusive toe clamping system via three metal swivel joints that, as documented by TÜV, are motion sensitive and ensure instant release for all types of falls. The materials used ensure compliance with DIN standards for a longer service life.

TSC (Twin Spring Control). A second source of security and performance.

TSC technology ensures maximum safety in all directions during takeoff release while guaranteeing a high level of precision and performance. The second spring guarantees gradual control of vertical movement and cushions the impact in the event of a fall.

DIR (Dynamic Intelligent Release). Anti-friction system or intelligent release

An innovative technology: In fall or twisting situations, knees and limbs suffer less pressure and are therefore safer.

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